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Build relationships and write more deals with a responsive system for use on any device.

An easy to use interface and clever automation will help you to grow your business faster than ever.

Welcome to a new way of thinking about your business.

Websites and CMS


First impressions last, and your website is your first meeting with your clients. Zenu gives you a beautifully crafted & responsive website that reflects the professionalism of your office, and the personality of your team. It doesn't matter how your clients want to view it, it will intelligently fit to any screen.
  • Responsive Stunning designs for viewing on any device
  • E-marketing E-marketing drives traffic to your website
  • Management Manage and update as your business grows
  1. View on tablets, phones, laptops, etc.
  2. Professionally designed layouts
  3. Manage your own content - Text, images, pages, menu, blogs, etc.
  4. Leads automatically drop into Zenu CRM
  5. Buyer's can pre-register for inspections
  6. Search engine friendly
  7. Branded for your business
CRM and Trust

CRM & Trust

Every agent knows they need to manage their database of clients, but they don't like using a CRM or just don't have the time. Zenu completely turns this around: Your team will find the simple and intuitive flow cuts down their day to day work load and actually saves them time - without even thinking about it. We call it human technology.
  • Fastest and easiest software in the Industry
  • Access your CRM anywhere, on any device
  • Intelligently automates your work flow
  1. Designed for use on phones & tablets
  2. Prospect new clients
  3. Keep a tight Pipeline of potential listings
  4. Sync Calendar & Contacts
  5. Full business intelligence & reporting
  6. In-depth vendor reporting tool
  7. Advanced follow ups
  8. Integrated Sales Trust & Marketing


Versatile E-Marketing allows you to communicate in a professional manner with stylish email blasts to your contact base. Simply drag and drop the properties and articles you want to include in your email before sending to the relevant contacts. All the features you need in an eMarketing system, but designed specifically for the needs of real estate offices
  • Pick & pack style interface
  • Send to thousands of contacts
  • Report on interaction and statistics
  1. Send a blast to your entire database
  2. Select specific groups
  3. Customise for your needs
  4. Stylish & professional design
  5. Cleans email address
  6. Drives traffic to your website
  7. Full reporting tool set
  8. Contacts can unsubscribe themselves


Zenu automates your office processes so you don't have to think about it. Set and forget your letters, emails, tasks, and reminders so that you can focus on your core values. Our intelligent software helps you to rate your clients, view contract requests and stay in the loop without having to do the hard yards.
  • Dashboards for business intelligence
  • Smart client tracking systems
  • Drive key office processes
  1. Set and forget systems
  2. Pull in leads from website & portals
  3. Action plans for emails, texts, tasks, letters
  4. Rate contacts based on their activity
  5. Automatically notify sales people of activity
  6. Property alerts sent out to buyers
  7. Auto-responders for enquiries
  8. Sync calendars and contacts
Mobile Agent Inspections

Mobile Agent for inspections

Manage all of your open homes and private inspections with Mobile Agent. It isn't just part of your database, it brings your entire contact relationships through to your fingertips. Add attendees, interact with feedback messages & track their opinions with ease.

Features at a glance.

7 Jessie Street, Cremorne

  • Open Times
  • Wed 5.30-5.45pm  
  • Thurs 6.00-6.15pm
  • Sat 10.45-11.30am
Register Registered

Pre-Register for Inspections

Zenu websites integrate seamlessly with Zenu CRM, creating greater interaction and increased data capture. Your clients can pre-register themselves for inspections directly from your website, so their details are captured and ready at the inspection. If there is a change of time or the inspection is cancelled they will be automatically notified without you having to think about it.

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